Amateur radio repeaters established

Cliff Wallace is pictured in 2011 working the high frequency station, WA6SCC, at the Sheriff's Radio Center in East Los Angeles while engineering for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Cliff Wallace, W6CDW, a retired police officer and radio engineer, as well as vice-president of the Twirlers Square Dance Club, has established two amateur radio repeaters that have been designed to provide increased coverage from Canyon Lake to the greater Temescal Valley.†

All properly licensed radio amateurs are invited to use these facilities for typical “ham radio” contacts at their convenience.†These repeaters also are available for local municipalities to use in times of emergencies, which is generally covered by the RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service) program.†

Cliff says he looks forward to greeting new users and promoting the hobby and will assist interested users with information in obtaining equipment at reasonable prices.† The following technical information will assist operators in getting on channel.†


Output ?†144.8950† MC

Input ? 145.4950† MC

P/L ? 5A / 156.7 CY


Output ? 445.620††† MC

Input ? 440.620††† MC

P/L ? 6A / 173.8 CY

For more information, contact Cliff at 661-714-9771