Coalition continues to address septic tank issue

Janet Anderson is the new president of the Quail Valley Environmental Coalition.

The Quail Valley Environmental Coalition is pleased to announce the election of a new president: Janet Anderson, a Quail Valley resident. Janet manages contracts and insurance for Pro West Constructors, a large construction company in Wildomar. She has been a member of the board for three years. Scott Mann, now mayor of the city of Menifee, was the previous president. He resigned in April to concentrate on city business.

The Quail Valley Environmental Coalition was established in 2009 to advocate for replacement of failing septic systems in Quail Valley for the public health of the Quail Valley residents and water quality improvement in Canyon Lake, a drinking water reservoir.

In 2006, the Regional Santa Ana Water Quality Control Board put a moratorium on all development in Quail Valley until a sewer system could be built. In times of heavy rain events, contaminated water from failing septic systems flows through Area 9, across properties and through underground culverts into Canyon Lake.

The Quail Valley Environmental Coalition has been working with stake holders such as Eastern Municipal Water District, Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District, the city of Menifee, the city of Canyon Lake, Quail Valley residents, and the County of Riverside, to keep the focus on obtaining a sewer system for Quail Valley.

Board members include representatives of all of the above-mentioned groups. In the past year, EMWD, EVMWD and the city of Menifee hired a company to complete a survey of Quail Valley residents to determine income eligibility for Disadvantaged Community status. The results showed that Quail Valley qualified and that information will help obtain funding for the sewer system.

It remains to be seen how the sewer effluent from the new system will reach treatment facilities. One plan is to use a new pipeline from Newport Rd. to Goetz Rd., with the possibility of a new lift station needed. The second plan would connect Quail Valley to Canyon Lake via a pipeline that would take the effluent to the lift station at Holiday Harbor.

The pace of development in the Audie Murphy Ranch will help to determine which plan will be chosen. The good news is that the residents of Quail Valley are within months, not years, of action to lift the moratorium and provide public health improvements in Quail Valley and water quality improvements in Canyon Lake.