Club News: Ski Club holds awards banquet

Rick Jacob, at right, presents the Ray Novak trophy to Scott Larson.

Credit: Provided by Al Van

Rick Jacob, at right, presents the Bob Barton Memorial trophy to Diana Olson.

Credit: Provided by Al Van


The Canyon Lake Ski Club held its annual awards banquet in the Holiday Bay Room. The top entertainment of the evening was "Magic by Dan Birch." With the theme, "Of the Skiers, by the Skiers and for the Skiers, Dan amazed the crowd with his tricks, using Ski Club members Cindy Birch, Debra Sacks, Debbie Gezon and Kevin Hyatt.

Dress code for the evening was sports themed. Uniforms and jerseys ? from ice hockey to basketball and several other sports ? added color to the evening, which started off with a continuous projection of past tournaments, along with candid shots compiled by Rose Gilbert. Rose has been labeled Ski Club paparazzi.

Winners of the perpetual trophies were Scott Larson (Ray Novak trophy) and Diana Olson (Bob Barton Memorial trophy). Annual awards were assigned by Rick Jacob and presented by Al Van. Slalom awards were by Jose Perez, John Morton Jr., Dan Birch and Scott Larson.

Winner of the year’s best in a combination of all three events (slalom, tricks and jump) was Willy Bertotto, with 39.5 off slalom, up to 4,500 trick points and an average of 112 feet in jump division.

Cherie Fitzpatrick accepted an award her husband, Jay, for 38 off slalom and 1,500 trick points. Her son, Ryan Fitzpatrick, averaged 110 feet in his jump division.

Also placing in their respective jump divisions were Erik Larson and Steven Brooks. Laura Johnson and Steven Brooks placed first in their trick divisions.

Ski Club president Scott Larson conducted a prize drawing and silent auction during the banquet. Scott also announced that Tom Nathan volunteered to fill in the secretary vacancy left by Scott Mize, who was vocationally transferred out of state.

The next American Water Ski Association tournament, the Cinco de Mayo Open, will be May 5 at the North Ski Area. For more information, visit