April 5, 2013

Here's a message from Securitas


Securitas Security Services, USA, Inc. is pleased to have been chosen to provide professional security services for Canyon Lake Property Owners Association. Securitas’ mission is to protect homes, workplaces and communities by providing the security they need to protect their assets, safeguard their people and maintain their ability to generate profits.

Securitas is the most locally-focused security company in the United States,with over 450 local branch managers and more than 100,000 security officers who provide unmatched security solutions to meet the specific needs of thousands of customers. We believe that Empowerment leads to Specialization in security expertise.

Our branch managers are our security experts who become experts in your business. Our servicing branch office dedicated to Canyon Lake is located in Old Town Temecula .

Our core values of helpfulness, integrity and vigilance enable us to focus on our mission to Canyon Lake by providing:

? Professional security officers who are cross-trained, physically fit and can respond during emergencies, are customer service driven and represent Canyon Lake Property Owners Association as a world class community.

? Comprehensive on-site management structure in place with local resources.

? Technological capabilities that manage post activities with robust trending/reporting interface ? Securitas VISION

? Specialized Post Order Management system that changes as the needs of the community change.

? On-site standardized training programs coupled with external, position specific training from Riverside County Sheriff's Department, U.S. Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security, and other major agencies.

It is our goal to employ every current Allied Barton officer assigned to the Canyon Lake security team.

We look forward to building a long term relationship with your world class community!