Announcement: Bo Linton to play lead in 'Infected'


Canyon Lake actor Bo Linton has had some recent acting developments. The first is a small speaking role on “General Hospital” that will air on ABC November 23. 

He also was cast as the lead character in an independent feature film that will begin shooting November 18 through mid-December. The name of the film is "Infected," an action/adventure/zombie film that is scheduled for completion in May 2013.

The movie is about a group of seven strangers trying to survive and escape from the isolated district of Los Angeles that has been infected by a strange, human-changing virus. Bo will play the character of Jake Miller, a highly skilled special forces sergeant who has been sent with his squad into the Infected Zone to save and transport an important scientist who is working to find a cure.

The mission fails, but wanting to return back to his family in the Safe Zone, he leads a group of survivors to escape from the infected area.