POA Directors judge Car Show a big success


Last Saturday's Car Show at the Lodge, organized by the Canyon Lake Car Club, proved to be a successful event in every way.

According to Lighthouse Director Jeffrey Main, net sales in at Lighthouse were $12,698.79. "We had a lot of compliments about organization, breakfast and lunch menus and the Car Show awards banquet," says Jeff. "Overall, it was a very good day and we are going to begin our planning for next year to make it even better."

The POA Directors were invited to participate in the Car Show as judges. With very close to 300 classic and custom cars on display, the one conclusion they agreed upon was the difficulty of choosing their favorite six. Here is what each of the Directors had to say about the show.

? Larry Neigel ? I have a background in putting on the Route 66 Rendezvous for eight years so I have a frame of reference. This event is one of the most attractive events of the year and it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of this year's event.

The weather was terrific and the atmosphere created by the Car Club and POA staff was very festive. The car entries were fantastic. I had a tough time in the judging of so many cars.

I found that the interest in the car show attracted a very broad range of residents of all ages. It truly is a community-wide event, appealing to the masses, and one that is a recreational necessity for our community. Congratulations to the organizers for a successful event that adds quality to our schedule of community events.

? Sean McDonald ? The annual Car Show in Canyon Lake is a perfect example of how a community event should be run. Every year I look forward to this wonderful community event. The day was a another perfect day in Canyon Lake and every car showed the owner's pride. Our Lodge is such a perfect place to host this event, I cannot imagine a nicer or more elegant setting.

The day started out with breakfast in the dining room with my son Sean. Great breakfast ? my compliments to the staff at the Lodge and everyone who helped make this event a success. This event reminds us all why we all chose to live In Canyon Lake. I enjoyed looking at all the

wonderful makes and models and want to thank the Car Club for asking me to be one of the judges for this event.

I am always drawn to the unusual or cars that I consider works of art, like the Jaguar Mark V or the many '60s Corvettes. Like everything in life, it was a learning experience. I loved hearing the stories about how owners' found their cars or how long it took them to restore their cars. These type of events give you an opportunity to reconnect with your community ? I am already looking forward to next year's event.

? George Middle ? What great entertainment and an awesome display of car and trucks we saw ? 300 vehicles was a lot to get around. Judging to find six display vehicles to possibly win a special prize was difficult.  

For interest, I looked for those vehicles having mainly the original year of manufacture outside "components and style." Before leaving the United KIngdom to take up residence in the USA, I was working on a 1957 Daimler Conquest and my ambition was to keep the originality of the model. I mention this to let the car owners know that I appreciate the amount of time, money and enthusiasm it takes to keep these vehicles on the road.

The Car Club organizers need a special word of thanks from all attendees as I know how much work goes into making this event happen.

Dave Eilers ? Beautiful day! Congrats to the Canyon Lake Car Club for hosting a record-breaking event with almost 300 entries! My responsibility as a judge was to choose my six favorite cars. With that many cars to look at, it was extremely difficult. In the wink of an eye, I could have chosen at least 50 cars. With the help of my granddaughter, Ava Monroe, we were able to narrow it down to six. She liked the Barbie car, of course. It was a great time for everyone. I can't wait for the opportunity to judge again next year.