Look for resident's business tips in Costco magazine

Shelly Allen, pictured above, contributes to Costo Connection Magazines "Fresh View" section offering advise for small business owners. Credit: Provided by Shelly Allen

Canyon Lake resident Shelly Allen has an article on page 9 in the “Fresh Views” section of the December Costco Connection magazine. The article is titled "Mobile marketing for small businesses." It is her third story to be published in the Costco publication this year (twice in the USA and once in Canada).

Upon seeing it in the magazine, Shelly wrote in her website, ShellyAllenOnline, "I am so humbled that my writing is going out to a readership of 8.5 million and it can potentially help small business owners get and stay ahead of their competition."

Shelly moved to Canyon Lake in 1997 with her husband and two kids. They started a small auto detailing business (AllProBumper.com). They lost money with a so-called "online marketing expert," so at the end of 2002, she joined the network marketing industry.

Shelly says, "I had success early on but got frustrated as so many do, so I went and educated myself on marketing."

After applying what she learned to the family's small business and to her network marketing business, she posted an instructional video to help other small business owners on You Tube, mentioning a book that had helped her. The author of the book contacted Costco and Costco contacted Shelly to see if she would like to write for them occasionally in their Fresh Views section for small business owners.

"I had to pinch myself because it was just such a fantastic opportunity to help other small business owners and I said yes right away," says Shelly. "I have never written professionally and if you would of asked me if I would have seen myself doing this the answer would be no. But I love it and will continue doing it as long as they keep accepting my writing."