Club News: Hans Weg's 1929 Model-A is Car of the Month

This is what the Model-A looked like when Hans bought it in 1974.


The Canyon Lake Car Club congratulates Hans and Linda Weg for their car being chosen November Car of the Month.

Hans has owned his 1929 Ford Model-A two-door sedan since 1974. He saw it for sale, parked in a garage while driving through Norwalk. The car was in fair shape, but needed a new engine and transmission. He bought the Model-A; then gave it a rebuilt a Chevy V8, 307 cu. in.  and a three-speed turbo transmission he got out of a wrecked 1968 Chevy Malibu station wagon. After driving it for a year, Hans decided to do a frame-up restoration.

He took apart the Model-A piece by piece down to the original bare frame, which was in bad shape with cracks and pieces torch-cut out of it. While looking for a new frame, he found Ed Moss (of the company now known as TCI), who had an auto repair shop in Norwalk and had started a side business of building Model-A frames. Hans bought the first frame Ed Moss made and started the reconstruction. After working on the car a few months, he got busy with his job and raising a family and quit working on it for 23 years.

In 1998, Hans says he got the bug again and started rebuilding the engine and transmission and spending a year of love, agony, frustration and money. Finally, it was ready for street use and car shows.

The Model-A features a 1968 Chevy 307 V8 with Corvette cam, a three-speed turbo transmission, a 1971 Corvette rear-end, a Mustang front-end and air conditioning. It still has the stock nine-gallon gas tank in the cowl. The paint is 1988 Ferrari red with flames on the hood by “Little Louie” of San Bernadino.

The interior is gray leather and gray tweed, with embossed flames on the doors and head liner. The top is gray Mercedes Benz convertible color. The rims are weld wheels with flame cutouts. 

Hans' car was finished in April 1999 and has won numerous awards at car shows and cruises. It was featured on the poster and T-shirts of the last Canyon Lake Car Show in October. Hans also has two other classic cars: a 1966 Pontiac GTO and a 1965 Ford Galaxy Convertible.