March 3, 2017

Catch of the Day


Janet Stephens used her usual craw bait to caught this 3.2 pound bass at Sierra Park. That same day she caught two smaller ones at Diamond Point Park. "It was such a beautiful day of warm sunshine. I spent the day hoping parks fishing," she says. "The water clarity was a little bit better after they sprayed the water treatment (alum) in the East Bay."

All the bass Janet caught were released back into the lake. She says she always releases the bass she catches back into the lake and takes pride in trying to never damage the fish or leave a hook in their mouths.

The angler is looking forward to springtime fishing. She says, "It's amazing how the large mouth bass are super light in color in the winter. I love when they are dark green and fat!"

Janet set up the Facebook group for lady angers. The group is called “Canyon Lake Bass Babes” and she invites other lady anglers who wish to share photos of their catches to join the group.