Making resolutions is a New Year's tradition

Photo by Pat Van Dyke

The Friday Flyer invited community leaders and members to submit their New Year's Resolutions and many kindly obliged. These resolutions are printed in the order they were received.

Kellie Welty ? I failed with my resolutions last year. I stated that I was going to put my health first and learn to say no to invitations that proved to be too much for me. Like I stated, I failed miserably. For 2016, mine are very much the same but I will stick to it this year.

  1. I will make my health a priority. By doing this I will also have to limit my involvement at times to certain activities in order to protect my health. I will put myself first if at all possible.

  2. I will limit my social media time.

  3. I will strive to continue to be the mother each of my children need me to be.

  4. I will continue to try to be a supportive and caring wife to my husband.

  5. I will increase my contributions to the cause that is near and dear to my heart, which is animal rescue

Debby Gagnon ? I would like to thank all of our awesome customers for making it such a successful season, and for their lovely Christmaswishes. Happy New Year to all.

Anton Riniti ? My New Year's Resolution is to gain weight and start smoking; thusguaranteeing I have another resolution for next year!

Chuck Casey ? Learn a new skill, join a new club, help a community committee, shop local and improve my family goals.

Tammy Macias ? 2016 will be a year that I enter with a positive outlook.Looking back on this past year, Chuy recovered and that has been a big blessing. I will be proud to count my blessings and continue to grow in my faith. I will cherish more precious moments with my family and friends ? living, laughing and loving along the way. I will try harder to not sweat the small stuff too. I also hope to talk Chuy into getting a puppy.

Hans and Linda Weg ? Our New Year Resolution isto havea happy and healthy 2016 for our family and friends. Do some more traveling, enjoy our grandkids and great-granddaughter and pray

for America.

Dave Guthery ? My New Year's Resolutions are going to be: To spend more time with my father who lives locally and just turned 80; to continue to “pay it forward” for family members and friends or anyone who may need a helping hand, if I can; and of course, I say this every year but this year I mean it ? I need to get in shape and get out on the lake more often! Happy New Year!

Jeannette Williams ? I have a 2 1/2-year-old grand nephew and a 7-month-old grand niece living in Torrance. My resolution is to spend more time with them in 2016. My goal is to be with them once a month, which means a lot of driving in crazy traffic, but it will be worth it!

Sara Price ? My New Year's Resolution, like many, is to cut back on the sugar for good, not just for January, haha, and most of all spend more time with family!

Bob Ireland ? My New Year's Resolution is to be more whimsical and to advocate for Canyon Lake allowing amphibious F15 pilots fishing privileges.

Virginia Furnish ? Walk more, eat less and organize my address book, pictures and passwords! That will keep me busy for awhile.

Jim Magill ? My resolution is that in 2016, during football season, I will not hog the TV all day long on Saturday and Sunday.I will let my wife watch whatever she wants on those days in this new year. P.S. Just to let you know, I have never in my 89 years stuck to any New Year’s Resolutions.

Joe Kamashian ? I try not to make personal New Year’s Resolutions because I am generally disappointed by mid-January. But, I do wish our community would continue to move forward in the positive direction this POA Board is leading us and put aside the negative attitudes that have hurt us over the past few years.

Paul Clare ? For 2016, my goal and/or New Year Resolution is to try and compliment people more often on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes a little compliment is all I need to pick me up, so I figure it would do the same for others.

Ilene Moore ? Have kinder, more joyful, honest relationships; prepare and eat lots of glorious food for glorious friends; ski more on silky snow; and bring music, theater, dance and light to the children of our fair community and have fun throughit all.

Scott Enochs ? To cherish every moment of life and to help others as much as possible.

Shawn Bowen ? I usually don't make any resolutions as I don't do fitness or diets and those seem to be everyone's big ones.This year I would like to take more time for myself and work on learning a third language.I would also like to continue the community service I do and make a large impact on involving the community in everything the Family Matters Club does.In addition to being on the Activities Committee board, I would like to hopefully add Fiesta Day Committee to my extra community service involvement this year.My goal for 2016 is to just help ensure my community stays the Little Bit of Paradise it is!

Carmelita Kubota ? As I draw closer to my twilight years, I compiled my New Year's Resolutions into three, which I want to keep not only on this coming years but onward. First, a resolution to take more time for myself after having spent more than three decades of putting everyone else's needs above mine, primary focusing to challenge things I find challenging that I could feel a sense of accomplishment and progress.

Second, a resolution to train myself of speaking my mind, to say No not Yes, which is me most of the time. Third, a resolution to share my gift from Up Above to create meatless cuisine beautifully-presented, healthy and delicious at a lesser cost. This is my humble way of contributing my part on the theme, "Be a Gift to the World!"

Joe Landin ? Anne and I together have six grown children, 12 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. My New Year’s Resolution is to be more involved with our total family. Give support, direction and guidance whenever asked and wherever needed.

Pat Van Dyke ? This year I resolve to wake up every morning looking ahead to that day with praise, realizing that every moment is a gift; to make a positive difference in the lives of those I touch through my many ways of communication; to view “my little corner of the world” through the eyes of Jesus; and finally, to go through my thousands on photos stored on my computer and external hard drives to somehow arrange them so that they make sense.Right now, photos are stored everywhere and anywhere without any “rhyme nor reason!”

Jim Parsons ? I resolve to only focus on what I want to have happen and not what I don’t want to have happen. I only want to attract the things I want by thinking about them and never thinking or saying what it is I don’t want to happen. I want to create a life of full of attracting things and people I want so that my life becomes more and more enjoyable and satisfying and easy.

Mike Clary ? While I'm sure that you'll receive plenty of "I'm going to quit?" "I'm going to start...", etc. that will provide entertainment for readers, I'm sorry, but I have no earth-shattering resolutions to reveal. Rather, I'll continue to commit to trying to listen daily to God's plan for my life and then to follow His plan as best I can to honor and serve Him.

Eric Spitzer, POA Director ? I will continue my mission to insure the community leaders treat the residents fairly and with respect.

Ted Horton, POA Director ? My Canyon Lake POA New Year’s Resolution: To assist POA staff and residents’ committees to develop and adopt long-range plans for improvement of our recreation amenities and lake management programs.

My personal New Year’s Resolution: “To adopt better personal health, fitness and weight management practices and to play golf again after not having played for almost three years.

Joe Washle ? My New Year’s Resolution is to work with Canyon Lake committees and the POA Board to see that we begin improvements to our amenities. Some of these would be the Main Gate, Campground, Dog Park, Roadrunner Park and other parks. We have the money in Reserves so that we can finally complete these projects without affecting our dues.

Kasey Crawford ? Anytime I feel like saying something negative about someone (or myself), I will stop and instead choose to speak a positive, life-giving prayer for them (or myself), based on God's grace-filled promises in the Bible.

Megan Trudeau ? Starting New Year's Day, I am going to start a jar project where I will fill my empty jar that I got with notes about good things that happen. On the next New Year's Eve, I will empty it and remember what awesome things did happen in 2016.

Larry Neigel ? During the coming year 2016 my resolution is to increase my activities helping others who are less fortunate and to protect those who are unable to protect themselves. I will make myself available to other residents in Canyon Lake who need assistance in working within the POA to bring about a fair and reasonable resolution to their challenges in the coming year. I will dedicate myself to the reasonable and common sense approach to improving the community through organized community activism.

Jill Batinich ? I do have a couple of New Year's Resolutions. One, I hope to pass my Real Estate Exam in the New Year; and two, I'm going to work on getting and staying healthy and really hope my multiple sclerosis goes into remission next year!

Jordan Ehrenkranz, City Councilman ? The past year as Mayor was very rewarding for myself and the City. My resolution is to assist our new Mayor in all he does and assure our citizens that we shall have another prosperous new year.

Vicki Warren, City Councilwoman ? I have never actually had a New Year's Resolution of any kind but, over the last few weeks, I have realized that I need one.Last year was such a hectic year and at times I got lost in the darker side of politics, losing track of the good things about Canyon Lake. It is far too easy to focus on the negative and let it taint one's view of life in Canyon Lake. I can't let that happen to me again; so in 2016, I am resolved to finding a better balance, to taking more time with family and friends, yes, but to also take more time to enjoy all that makes Canyon Lake truly a little corner of paradise.Working in a healthy dose of Canyon Lake life should easily wash that taint away.

Barry Talbot ? I resolve to aid and fully support the City’s effort to establish our own fire department by June 2016.That, together with recentbudget improvements, are key steps in assuring the ongoing health of our City.

Tim Brown, Mayor ? By the end of 2016 I have resolved to have comprehensive City policies in place for procurement, planning and building inspection that are easy to understand and available online.

Lyne Hall ? My resolution is to stop spreading myself so thin by volunteering for so many different charities and just concentrate on the Woman's Club, MVHS, the TCHS Band and the Fiesta Day Committee this year. And I wouldn't mind concentrating on my own business.

Dawn Haggerty, City Councilwoman ? My New Year's Resolution is to get a successful Canyon Lake Fire Department. up and running by the end of the year with an acceptable medical response team and reduced cost to the City.The next focus will be to bring back our Police Department study and look toward achieving our own Police Department with more coverage and a cost less than what we are currently paying.

I see both of these as challenges, but worth the effort.Our City could potentially save half a million on the Fire Department and about the same on the Police Department. That would bring our City to a much more fiscally sound position.That is my goal.That is why I ran for City Council.

Bert and Kathy Barbay ? For 2016, our resolution and priority is to protect our home, property and neighbors from the effects of El Nio. We have already begun. We believe, unfortunately, this is the “real deal.” Please, fellow Canyon Lakers, keep an umbrella close by and take these next few months VERY seriously.

Joanna Spiller ? My resolution for this year is to concentrate on Honor Flight Southland and once again accompany a WWII vet to Washington so he/she has an opportunity to see the fantastic WWII memorial.