Community Facebook friends make resolutions


Here are more New Year's Resolutions from the members of the Canyon Lake Community Facebook page, compiled by administrator Donna Ritchie.

Donna Ritchie ? Tackle more DIY projects.  

Perry Beggs ? Spend more time with and use our newly acquired RV as much as possible. 

Debbie Miller ­­­­­­­­? ­My New Year's resolution is not to make one. I don't like to set myself up for failure.

Jennifer Dawdy ? Love the imperfection of others. My new saying for 2016, "You be YOU and I'll be ME."

Sosy Robinson ? Learn and grow from the battles of this coming year with faith, courage and a smile.

Sue Popper ? Golf once a week.

Allisa and Wally Rackstraw ?  No more cussing. 

Christy Roberson ? More fishing bigger bass 

Judith Bock ? Continue to appreciate all that we have and maintain my journey of better health. 

Tammy Revard ? Lose weight, exercise, golf and fish. To spend more quality time with my husband, friends and family, and find more ways to help others within this community.

Amy Martinez ? Get my hands before summer starts and to be able to drive again. When my son starts kindergarten this year my goal is to be able to take him.

Nancy Horton ? I continue to work on water conservation, finding ways to save potable water in the home. My first New Year's resolution in The Friday Flyer in 2009 was to educate Canyon Lakers about water issues in our City. I will start up my coffees in the New Year in Canyon Lake, Canyon Hills, and Tuscany Hills to engage residents about water issues affecting all of us.

Ron Martel ? In the election year, to be respectful of Americans whose views don't agree with mine.

Brian Dawdy ? Stop texting, web surfing or messing with phone while driving, even at stoplights, waiting in traffic or when it's clear and safe. Overall it's a bad habit of mine and others that's the cause of a lot of accidents.

Ian Page ? I want to spend every extra spare moment learning from as many sources and mentors as possible.

Adena Evans ? Now that I am an official resident and proud homeowner in our community, my resolution is to become an active member in social clubs and groups that have a positive impact here in Canyon Lake. Be a involved in our community and have a positive influence for keeping this wonderful neighborhood a lil bit of Paradise.

Pei Pei Gunter ? Be more awesome than last year. Reduce Facebook time and start texting. Increase outdoor activities by golfing once a week with Sue Popper.

Aprile San Paolo McKinnon ? Continue focusing on what is really important in life, seeing all the little blessings each day, love of others and forgiving my own and others imperfections. It's not the size of my house that counts, but the size of my heart. In 2016 I want my heart to sing.

Sandra Taylor ? Continue to live by the words, "It takes a village." Life is much easier when we work “together” with friends, family and community.

Alexis Prince ? Market my business better.

Virginia Maudsley ? Become involved in Canyon Lake activities and events.

Cindi Martin ? Assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and always remember how blessed I am.

Irma Mascorro ? Make more time available to spend with friends. I have found out recently that several of my friends with whom I worked several years ago are seriously ill with cancer and other illnesses, some curable some not.

Karen Doherty ? Start a routine of volunteering to make a difference in my community, learn something new each week and find freedom from the fear of the unknown.

Lucy Coffield ? Help animals in need.

Robyn and Mike Zingg ? To be an Inspiration to others and to share God's love.

Amber Hoerner ? Be the best version of myself. Strengthen my marriage and friendships. Change more lives thank I did in 2015 by bringing more parents home to be a full time family and start their own business. Buy our dream home, waterfront in Canyon Lake. Travel to five new states. Hit all my income goals for the year. Adopt a handful of families for Christmas and not just two like this year. Help others reach their goals and teach people to dream again. Cheers to an amazing year.

Nicole Davidson ? Work on not spending so much money.

Theresa Reeder ? Be healthy so I can be here for my grandbabies.

Diana Garza ? Eat healthy, exercise and lose thirty pounds.

Lexi Younger ? Live more in the moment and spend less time living my life on the internet and social media. I want to make plans and keep them and be more of a present friend.

Andy and Kathleen Ignoto ?  Each month to explore a new Southern California place of interest that we've never seen before.

Kelli Tolbert ? To start showing up at group events that I'm invited to and stop being a hermit.

Karen Bevans ? Maintain a healthier life style, both physical and spiritual.

Steven Prince ?  Improve my eye vision and to see how God wants to use me.

Donna Lovejoy ? Spend more time with and use our newly acquired RV as much as possible.

Corie Yost Tutt ? Focus more on loving and taking care of “Me” as I do for everybody else.