July 3, 2015

Fly Flag Correctly


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

This July 4th weekend is and should be a time for tremendous pride in our great country. Personally, I fly the flag every day. I also take great pride in seeing the flag displayed on special occasions such as this Independence Day. Unfortunately I see too many flags displayed incorrectly.

The most common mistakes are flying the flag from a boat and displaying the flag vertically. It is proper to fly from a boat as long as it is on a staff and not draped across the front or back of the boat. Also the flag must never touch the water.

When hanging the flag horizontally or vertically against a wall, balcony rail or deck, the Union (the blue field of stars) is always on the top left corner. It looks unusual when hanging vertically, but it's easy to remember that the blue is always at the top left to the viewer.

Lastly, multiple flags should be flown from staffs and not as decorations. If you enjoy the red, white and blue, use bunting on railings not flags. Thanks and have a safe weekend

G. Camporredondo