Near and Far with The Friday Flyer: Karina Bowen visits Germany and England


Karina Bowen had the opportunity to reconnect with a part of her family's history when she visited Germany with her grandfather from April 13 to 20. The Canyon Lake teen was in Germany with her grandfather, Airman Chasten L. Bowen, who is one of the last surviving U.S. Military POWs held at the Buchenwald concentration camp.

They were there to participate in Holocaust Day at a Holocaust museum Germany completed two years ago. Karina had been with her grandfather when the museum opened, too ? both times as the museum honored survivors.

According to her mom, Shawna Bowen, this month's trip most likely will be Karina's last visit with her grandfather to the site where he once was held prisoner, as he is now 91.

Airman Bowen was recently featured in the History Channel documentary, "Lost Airmen of Buchenwald." He has been in books and other write-ups as well. 

Shawna says that Karina did not take any pictures in Germany as she felt the solemn circumstances of the visit were for celebrating the fact that her grandfather had survived being held there as a prisoner of war.

However, before her trip, she did grab an old issue of The Friday Flyer from a stack of newspapers in her garage to take for these pictures in London, where she stopped on her way home. (Without that explanation, the date and headline of the issue she holds up could be misleading as to the time of her travels.)