Public safety officials report statistics

By Donna Kupke, Reporter, The Friday Flyer


November's meeting of the Public Safety Committee took place on Thursday, October 30, in the City Council Chamber. The following departments provided monthly statistics for the month of October, 2014.

Emergency Preparedness Committee

Director Nancy Carroll said that the CLEPC held a hands-only CPR and AED class for a Riverside Libraries workshop and the for staff in the Canyon Lake Operations Department. There will be another class in December for members of the Canyon Lake Car Club.

The next meeting of the CLEPC will be Thursday, December 4, at 6:30 p.m., in the City Council Chamber.

Canyon Lake Fire Services

Fire Captain Brent Carter submitted Riverside County Fire Department/Cal Fire's incident report for Canyon Lake for the month of October. The report indicated responses to

50 calls for medical assistance, two false alarms, one other fire, two public service assistances, one hazardous material, one standby and seven traffic collisions. This totaled 64 calls for the month of October, with an average response time of 3.7 minutes. There were 56 calls, 93.3 percent, with a response time of fewer than 5 minutes and the remainder with fewer than 10 minutes.

Station 60 responded to 34 calls for medical assistance, one false alarm, one other fire, two public service assistances and three traffic collisions.

Station 94 responded to 12 medical, one false alarm, one hazardous material, one standby and four traffic collisions. Station 5 responded to four medical assistance calls.

Canyon Lake Police

The Police Report submitted by Police Chief Mike Judge informed the Public Safety Committee that the Canyon Lake Police Department handled 326 calls during the month of October.

The report stated there were 17 Part 1 crimes including three assaults (all were domestic violence with arrests made), three burglaries, six grand/petty thefts, five thefts from vehicles and two vandalisms. There were five public intoxication arrests. In traffic enforcement there were six traffic citations issued, two DUI arrests and seven traffic collisions (non-criminal).

Community Patrol

Securitas Account Manager Jay Cregeen reported that Community Patrol answered 373 calls for service. There were 21 calls that were animal related (such as barking dogs) with 11 citations issued due to repeat offenses, 35 disturbances (such as loud noise/parties) with four citations issued due to repeat offenses, four verbal abuse calls, 22 failures to comply (such as refusing to hand over POA card) and 20 suspicious persons calls. The average response time was 5.24 minutes.

There were 110 citations and six warnings issued with 14 for speed enforcement, one stop sign violation, 67 parking (on streets/parks/parking lots) and five for no helmets. According to Jay, the number of citations is lower than last month because of personnel changes with officers being more aggressive and people being more compliant, especially pertaining to parking.

There were 19 incident reports, including vandalisms reported at the Tennis Courts; property damage on Big Tee; maintenance issues on the Country Club Door (two); a broken sprinkler at Holiday Harbor; a spill in the lake on Sea Horse Circle; a vehicle stuck on the Main Launch Ramp; mailbox damage on Loch Lomond and at Evans Park; a palm tree fire on Canyon Lake Dr. South; graffiti at the Railroad Canyon Condos, Roadrunner Park and East Port Park; an inoperable gate at Skylink; and RV chair that caught fire at Happy Camp; vehicle accidents at Canyon Lake Dr. North and Smugglers Point, and Canyon Lake Dr. South and Early Round; lake contamination at South Fork; and a sign removed at Steel Head Park.

There were 48 confiscated expired POA cards and 25 confiscated expired passes (expired/no drivers license or expired guest passes). For the month of October, there were 28 process servers with a service time of 14 minutes.

Community Patrol requests residents to keep their vehicles and homes locked and secured. The main crimes are graffiti and vandalism (primarily to mailboxes). Residents are asked to please report any suspicious persons. They also remind everyone that there is a strict winter curfew for minors from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Anyone under the age of 18 must wear a helmet when riding a bicycle, skateboard, scooter, roller skates or rollerblades. It is the law. Kids will be cited for not wearing a helmet. It is highly recommended that adults wear helmets as well. This will not only set an important example for the kids, but will help protect their heads and possibly lives.

Marine Patrol

Marine Patrol conducted 23 boat inspections and 44 fishing license/permit checks (more anglers are fishing the lake). There were 10 disabled boat tows, three miscellaneous tows (non-motorized/disabled) and two battery assists. Five warning citations were issued as well as 20 violation citations and 30 verbal warnings (stops made due to potential for violation to educate before the actual violation occurs).

There were two quarantine tags/service seals issued and one AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species) inspections for "Quagga." There were two non-operation agreements and 13 escort hours. There was a total of 348 total boat engine hours.

Code Enforcement

Officer Jean Voshall provided the report for the month of October. The report included a report on property inspections, business licenses, building permits and abandoned inoperable vehicles.

The report indicated three bank-owned (foreclosed) properties were registered with the City. One bank notified of a sale and was removed from the registration list. Two green pools were reported at residential properties; one owner is replacing the pump, and the other is repairing a broken pipe.

Businesses were required to remove temporary signs until obtaining sign permits. Citations were issued to businesses without current business licenses.

Three stop-work orders were issued. One construction site with a stop-work order came in for their building permit. Two sites will require engineering and plans approved before obtaining permits; one continued to build and was issued citations.

One inoperable vehicle that was stored in public view was moved by the owner.

With regard to NPEDS (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System ? Only Rain in the Drain), there was one broken sprinkler washing debris to the storm drain and one call out for a hydraulic spill in the Towne Center parking lot.

Special Enforcement

Special Enforcement Officer Ivan Henery stated that there were no signs of commercial fishing or shooting noted on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land. He stated that a Baja-type vehicle was reported abandoned; however, by the time Special Enforcement got there, it had been removed (apparently by the owner). Ivan said he received a report that a homeless person might be living on BLM land; but upon checking, no signs were observed. He noted that shooting and motorcycle incidents have decreased with no signs of any shotgun shells.

Special Enforcement primarily patrols both the land and waters in the non-residential areas around BLM land, the North Ski Area and the Jump Lagoon. He noted that motorized vehicles are not allowed in these areas, nor are shooting or fireworks. Ivan added that although personal watercraft are not allowed on Canyon Lake waters, there are some who will launch from BLM land.

Resident Donna Ritchie reported that she currently has 10 Block Captains confirmed for the Canyon Lake Neighborhood Watch Program. There will be a meeting for Block Captains on November 13. She added that she and others are planning on going door-to-door at homes near parks to inquire about potential Block Captains for those areas.

Residents are reminded to call 9-1-1 anytime they see anything suspicious.

The next meeting of the Public Safety Committee will be Tuesday, December 2, at 9:30 a.m. in the City Council Chamber.