Community Patrol Report


Community safety and security is a high priority for the Association. The City, Riverside Sheriff’s Department and the Association all work closely to provide the residents of Canyon Lake with a safe community. Below is Community Patrol's report ending on October 31, 2014.

Parking Citations

Parking enforcement has continued to be a focal point for Community Patrol this past month. There was an emphasis on boat and utility trailers parked on the street after sunset and increased enforcement in the Fairway Estates. We are pleased to report that the number of citations is significantly lower than September because residents are complying with the rules.

Confiscated POA Cards/Guest Passes

There were 48 POA cards were confiscated in the month of October. This number is up from 46 in the month of September. There were 25 guest passes confiscated for being expired or having no driver’s license. This number is lower than September, which we had 38 guest passes confiscated.

Gate Runners

There were 50 gate runners in October and only four of them were either a guest or contractor that was not called in. Community Patrol was able to locate three of these gate runners and escorted them out of the community. The remaining 46 were members with a POA card or expired decal that used the decal lane, not complying with the gate officers instruction to make a u-turn and use the guest lane for access.

Bike Helmet Enforcement

Juveniles not wearing a helmet while riding their bike, scooter or skateboard will continue to be strictly enforced by Community Patrol. Five citations were issued for the month of October. This number is up from one in the month of September.

Noise Disturbances

Community Patrol responded to 35 calls for noise disturbances in the month of September. This number increased by two from the previous month. Of the 35 calls, four citations were issued for repeat offenders and the remainder of incidents were resolved upon Community Patrol’s arrival.


The curfew for anyone age 18 or younger is 10 p.m. Also, the parks and beaches are on winter hours and open from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.

Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns regarding daily community safety or security issues (example, you saw a gate guard let someone drive through the decal lane with a guest pass), please email the Association's Director of Member Services Susanne Cordeiro at

If you have questions or concerns regarding Community Patrol practices and procedures please attend the next Community Patrol Committee Meeting. Community Patrol Committee Meetings are on the second Wednesday of the month at 5 p.m.