Association News


The Association is diversifying its communication efforts to utilize tools that will provide more real time news to residents in the community. With more than two billion people online daily, the internet has become one of the most popular sources for news and communications. “People expect to see news that is relevant to them online and we (Canyon Lake Property Owners Association) need to provide that news to them in as many outlets as we can.” says the Association’s General Manager, Christopher Mitchell.

The Association has a detailed communication plan that involves providing regular news and updates on the City of Canyon Lake's PEG (Public, Education, Government) channel, social media tools such as Facebook, email newsletters, and text message alerts. The Association's website is also in the process of being revamped with a more user friendly interface.

Television News

The Association will run regular news, updates and meeting rebroadcasts on the City's PEG channels (Verizon Channel 39 and Time Warner Channel 29).

Sign Up For Association Email Newsletters

The Association sends out regular email newsletters to report upcoming projects, rule changes, activities and events. Text CLPOANEWS to 22828 to sign up.

Text Alerts

Sign up for the Association's text message alerts. Members can sign up for community or event announcements, golf course updates, lake or boating updates or chose to receive all Association updates. If you would like to receive text messages alerts from the POA text the following:

News and Events, text POA to 25827

Golf Course Updates, text Tee to 25827

Lake and Boating Updates, text Lake to 25827

All Updates text ALLPOA to 25827