May 23, 2014

Connor Nathan graduates 8th grade with honors

Connor Nathan wears the "Middle School Student of the Year" medal given him by the Elks in Temecula.

Connor wears the "Middle School Student of the Year" medal given him by the Elks of Temecula.

A soldier prepares Connor and his fellow students for the wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.


Connor Rommerswinkel Nathan is an 8th grade student graduating this June from St. Jeanne de Lestonnac School in Temecula. His family, which includes a sister, Kendra, 10, lives in Canyon Lake. His grandmother is Dawn Haggerty, a member of the CLPOA Board of Directors. His mother, Erin Nathan, teaches middle school at St. Jeanne’s, where Connor has been a straight-A student and on the Honor Roll.

At his 8th grade graduation, Connor will receive special honors for Dean’s List and Honor Roll. He is the vice-president of the National Junior Honor Society and has been a member of the California Junior Scholarship Federation the last two years.

He is involved in volunteer work through the teen arm (Assisteen) of Assistance League, which requires a minimum of 30 hours of volunteer work each year. Connor has over 50 hours this year. Some of his volunteer work includes going with a group of youth to San Diego and handing out food, water and clothing to street people, and assisting a Community Youth Organization, shopping for the needs of foster care homes.

Each year, the Temecula Elks give an award for “Student of the Year” of the Temecula Valley School District. They base their decision on essays submitted by students who have been nominated from their schools. Connor was nominated from his school and recently was selected by the Elks for the honor of Middle School Student of the Year. He received a medal, certificate and a $50 gift card.

Aside from participating in all school sports at St. Jeanne, Connor has been an active athlete in outside programs, playing pitcher or catcher on a Canyon Lake baseball teams for several years, and on a local soccer team. He also water skis and has been involved in water ski tournaments for the past several years.

School sports have included football, basketball and soccer. He has been playing lacrosse on special traveling teams the past three years against teams in Southern California and Las Vegas. He has been “high scorer” much of his playing time. His school basketball team only had one loss during the season and went to the playoffs where they took 2nd place.

St. Jeanne’s school offers a one-week trip to Washington D.C. for any 8th grade student who chooses to go. Erin is the faculty member in charge of putting these trips together and travels with the group. Connor, along with 42 other students, went on this very special trip this past April.

During their trip each year, one of the group's outings is a visit to Arlington National Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, where they are involved in a wreath-laying ceremony. Students submit anonymous essays and the students chosen to place the wreath are selected based on their essay. A committee made up of staff/administration make the selection to determine the students, and no one knows whose essay they are judging until the selection is made. Connor’s essay was chosen as one of four who had the honor of placing the wreath.

Connor plans to attend Temecula Valley High School and will play lacrosse and basketball, in the fall. After high school, he hopes to go to a college offering lacrosse. Family members say his career interest at this point is in some type of Engineering, as he excels in Math and Science.

He plans to spend his summer playing lacrosse for the 3d Select Team, which competes all over California. He also plans to participate in water ski competitions. The family is scheduled to attend the Regional Water Ski Championships in Colorado, where Connor and his sister will compete.