Schools and Sports: Heading back to school

By Erin Heft, Columnist


Today, January 10, marks the start of the three-day countdown until the kids are back in their classrooms. Let's discuss some effective ways to get your child back into the rhythm of school.

First, as we all know, sleep can affect our lives dramatically. Sound sleep is an integral part of a healthy body and mind. So making sure your student's sleeping habits are in time with school schedules is extremely important. Having your child get to bed this weekend at an hour usual during the school week, is the first step in creating a successful first week back to school. Easier said than done, I know, but making sure your child gets ample physical activity during day, and stays away from electronic screens starting a couple hours before bedtime, will allow for an easier transition.

Also, the younger your student is the more important it is to get them back to school scheduled lunch periods. Since break began, you have settled into a rhythm of eating when convenient and normal for the family; but when school rolls around, your child may be eating much earlier or much later than they have grown accustomed to over the break.

If your child is “starving” before lunch period, that means your child can't concentrate as sufficiently as they could if they weren't hungry. This weekend is the perfect time to look up your child's lunch schedule and start getting them reacquainted with school lunch times.

Also something pertinent, many students have been assigned projects and assignments over winter break. If your student hasn't approached you with an assignment due upon their return to school, it may be something to discuss with them. Assignments ? ranging from small pieces of homework to heavily weighted projects and reading material ? have been given as work over break. Make sure your child is on top of all things due in the next week of classes.

For both our students and parents, it is important to understand that the time after winter break and before spring break is often one of the easiest times to lose concentration and let grades slide, according to Academica Group. This effects all grade level from elementary to college level education. It is important to realize and make necessary changes

As for high school level students and parents, it is important to realize that all grades earned from freshman through senior year will affect what colleges a student will be granted access to. It is becoming increasingly more competitive to attend college. remarks on the extreme number of rejection notices and low percentage rates for colleges across the board. Even non-sought-after schools have an extremely low acceptance rate in recent years compared to prior censuses. Make sure that your upper level student starts their second semester off on the right foot, prepared and ready to face all challenges to come.

Here's a little something you may not have thought of: cleaning out school supplies to start fresh. Most students and parents think of school supplies only when lists come out just before school, but who doesn't enjoy the smell of fresh pencils and pens that actually work? Refreshing your child's school belongings also gives them a new sense of excitement for going back to school.

For everyone, don't forget to watch out for students walking to their bus stops. Remember to slow down and stop when you see those flashing bus lights.

And after this influx of information, remember to enjoy these remaining moments as a family.

If you have any information you would like to share with the Canyon Lake community regarding a student's school, sports or school program, please let us know and we would love to spread the word. Contact me at