Tammy’s Tips: Great deals, free breakfast and pickle fun

By Tammy Macias, Columnist, The Friday Flyer

Tammy found several money-saving coupons for back-to-school shopping at Kohl's.

Kohl's is the place to shop for a great bargain. They offer a lot of incentives for you to walk in their door and shop. Staples is giving away a $10 coupon with any purchase. The coupon is good for $10 off $30 purchase at Kohl's. Simply purchase anything from Staples (even a .10-cent copy) and you will receive the coupon on your receipt.

Tip: You can use this $10 coupon with another dollars-off coupon (from newspaper or an e-mail coupon, etc.) to save even more. Kohl's offers a $5 or a $10 coupon just for signing up for their e-mail. You can combine a percentage-off coupon with your dollars-off coupon.

Kohl's just started a rewards program where you sign up at the store with a cashier simply by providing your name and e-mail and you will receive a card that you swipe with every purchase and accumulate points for great coupons. Every 100 points equals a $5 off coupon (for every dollar you spend you receive a point). This is a great program to add to the savings. After you sign up and confirm your e-mail address, they give you a $5 thank you coupon.

I had the best shopping day last week. I had a $10 coupon I peeled off the newspaper (always check news stands for a peel-off coupon attached to random newspapers). I also had my $10 coupon from my Staples receipt. And I had a $10 coupon for signing up a new e-mail address and a $5 coupon for signing up for the reward program. Then I added my 15 percent coupon I received from my reward program booklet they gave me.

I visited the clearance sections all over and purchased $40 of sale items (school clothes) and paid only $1.09. I patted myself on the back for that one! I do need to mention it was $239 worth of clothing on 80 percent off clearance or more that rang up for $40. But with all my coupons, I paid only the $1.09. It’s fun to shop and save so much! The Kohl's cashier smiles at me and says well done!

Macy’s has been my new favorite place to shop. They do offer coupons and have amazing clearance racks. Designer purses and clothing can be very affordable on my budget with just shopping their special advertised sale dates. They also have a wonderful return policy. My latest find was a $120 dress for Katelynn for $13.20. She can’t wait to wear it to her school dance.

Fun places to go ? I’m sure you already know about Annie's in Lake Elsinore, but I just now discovered how great this place is. My husband and I went for lunch for the first time last week and loved how fun the environment was. Annie visits with all the guests and the staff is so fun and nice, excellent customer service. I can’t wait to take my girls Sierra and Katelynn to enjoy a great meal there real soon.

Richie's Diner in Murrieta was a fun place to visit, too. Last month they had .25 cent root beer floats that got my husband and I walking in the door to check it out. We shared a sandwich and enjoyed the fun environment.

Chick-fil-A is offering a free breakfast entre to their e-mail subscribers. (Go to www.chikfila.com to join their e-mail club.) From September 9 to 14 you can RSVP to their e-mail and reserve a spot at your favorite location and receive a free breakfast. Nice way to start off the day with a free meal.

Free movie tickets on DVDs is back and on a lot of movie selections from Walmart. Look for the movies that have a free movie ticket sticker on them and enter the code and you will be able to print a ticket to go see a movie at the theater. Nice way to see a movie at home and to go out and see one at the box office.

Katelynn has a fun recipe to try: Frozen Pickle Juice. Simply take a one-half cup of juice from the jar of your favorite pickles. Place in a zipper bag and freeze. It's best when it is in its slushy stage. It’s a salty, sour refreshing snack to enjoy.

Tammy’s Tip: Add some jalapeos to your favorite jar of pickles for that little kick in your pickle bite. Sierra’s Tip: When you eat the last pickle out of the jar you can save the juice and add sliced baby cucumbers (onions and garlic optional) to the jar to let them marinate for two to three weeks for a new batch of pickles to enjoy.

I always enjoy sharing “money-saving tips” and fun places to shop and save with you. I especially enjoy all the e-mails and tips you share with me, too. I love to pay it forward ? it’s a reward all on its own. Remember to save time by shopping smart to save money ? because $aving money makes cent$!

E-mail me at tammystips@hotmail.com. Have a great week in our bit of paradise, where it’s always 5 o’clock!