Canyon Lake girls 'on fire' for upcoming pageant

By Donna Kupke, Reporter, The Friday Flyer

Carlee Blakemore, at left, and Christina Tortorici will vie for the title of Miss Canyon Lake in next week's Scholarship Pageant.

Betty Cannon - Little Miss

kali Tiefenthaler - Little Miss

Skylar Hayford - Little Miss

Crystal Hauser - Young Miss

Karissa Bennett - Young Miss

Rebecca Tierney - Young Miss

Hanna Scott - Jr. Miss

Leela Cannon - Jr. Miss

Hanna Graham - Jr. Teen

Jenna Sundbeck - Jr. Teen

Katelyn Macias - Jr. Teen

Nattie Dunn - Jr. Teen

Jocelyn Basham - Miss Teen

Sierra Macias - Miss Teen

Carlee Blakemore - Miss Canyon Lake

Christina Tortorici - Miss Canyon Lake

Shawna Bowen - Ms. Canyon Lake

Tammy Macias - Ms. Canyon Lake


Shop for a beautiful gown and fancy shoes ? check! Hair and makeup perfect ? check! Manicure and pedicure ? check! Practice speeches and talent (over and over and over again) ? check! It's time for the young girls and women of Canyon Lake to strut their stuff! The 2013 Miss Canyon Lake Scholarship Pageant competition is almost here.

The pageant is open to girls and women from age 5 up. The categories are “Little Miss Canyon Lake” for ages 5 to 7; “Young Miss Canyon Lake” for ages 8 to 10; Jr. Miss Canyon Lake" for ages 11 to 12; “Jr. Teen Miss Canyon Lake” for ages 13 to 14; “Miss Teen Canyon Lake” for ages 15 to 17; “Miss Canyon Lake” for ages 17 to 25; and finally “Ms. Canyon Lake” for women 25 years and over. (Entries are closed for this year, but there is always next!)

Unlike a “beauty” pageant, these girls also have to be talented and intelligent. Each contestant is judged on her own merit, for her own abilities and overall impression.

Contestants over the age of 15 will have extensive interviews with the judges on Saturday morning prior to the evening's competition. They will be judged based on their platform, community service and application information. Each one will individually have to show her ability to think for herself as well as her ability to present her public service agenda in a short amount of time.

The pageant winners will spend the year serving as Canyon Lake ambassadors to events in Canyon Lake and, occasionally, outside the community.

Directors CoCo Morrison and Pamela Stuckert encourage Canyon Lakers to come and support the young women of the community as they pursue their goals of education and community service throughout the year.

The pageant will begin Friday evening at 6 p.m. at the Lodge with the talent portion of the competition. Canyon Lakers are in for a treat as they are entertained by the very talented young women and girls of their community. Talent winners will be announced Saturday.

Saturday evening's 2013 Canyon Lake Scholarship Pageant competition promises to be memorable, inspirational and even emotional. It is scheduled to begin promptly at 6 p.m. with Chamber of Commerce President Mike Irvin serving as Master of Ceremonies. The opening number, “This Girl's On Fire” by Alicia Keys, will be performed by both the outgoing 2012 Royal Court as well as all of the incoming 2013 contestants.

Following the opening will be an introduction of each contestant with fun fashions inspired by the theme "International Traveler."

Everyone's favorite, the “Evening Wear” portion of the competition comes next with on-stage questions for contestants over the age of 15. The final farewells will then be made to the outgoing 2012 Royal Court as well as Miss Canyon Lake.

This year's Miss Canyon Lake Scholarship Pageant is dedicated to Ed Strong. In his honor, one outstanding girl will be selected for an additional scholarship award. The crowning of the talent winners will follow. Finally, the moment everyone has been waiting for: coronation of the new 2013 Miss Canyon Lake and her Royal Court!