July 5, 2013

Tuesday Work Group gets jobs done on Golf Course


The Tuesday Work Group (TWG) is a volunteer group that has been around almost as long as the Golf Course has been in existence. Currently consisting of 58 members, about 40 volunteers turn out early each Tuesday morning, from 7 to 11 a.m., to work on the Golf Course, according to spokesperson David Johnston.

The men are grouped according to skills and experience into various crews managed by John Christensen. Crews consist of Concrete, Welding, Trimming, Beautification, Vehicle and Shop Maintenance, Golf Course Lake Maintenance and Sanding Divots.

The Tuesday Work Group works for nine months of the year and is just finishing its 2012-13 season. Members do not work during the hot months of July, August and September. The TWG Committee (board) meets each month in the Magnolia Room of the Country Club to discuss and plan upcoming projects.

"While most of our members work one day each week, a small number have duties during the week that require trips to get supplies, plan and coordinate with the POA," says David.

Over the years, many projects have been completed, saving the POA a considerable amount of money. Much of the money TWG uses for supplies comes from the annual Beautification Golf Tournament held each spring. Volunteers as a group average approximately 550 man-hours per month working on the Golf Course.

"The group is always looking for new volunteer members," says David. "If you have the time to give and the energy to participate, get off the couch, turn off the TV and come on down. The next session will begin on the first Tuesday in October. TWG has a job for you."

In these pictures, members can be seen sanding divots on the fairways, working on vehicles in the maintenance shed, trimming and clearing weeds and repairing damages to a wall.