July 5, 2013


Letters to the Editor policy

Letters to the Editor are an opportunity for residents to voice opinions and comment on City, POA and other community issues. Please keep letters as brief as possible – not over 300 words. Letters containing more than 300 words are subject to editing. Readers are reminded information presented as “fact” may not be factual; and if anyone has a question, they are urged to contact the appropr…

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Letter: Who's watching security?

Editor, The Friday Flyer I have an issue with the new scanned guest passes that are now given out to our called-in family or friends. I know it started a short time ago. What I have read in The Friday Flyer is that permanent decals go through the outer decal lane and the guest passes go through the inside lane. And now I have seen them going through the Main Gate decal lane that has a second scan…

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Letter: Cigarette butts

Editor, The Friday Flyer: My husband and I have lived here in Canyon Lake for a few years now and we love all that the community has to offer. We recently took our paddle boards to Sunset beach for a ride and as I was carrying my paddle board down to the water, I could not help but to notice how many cigarette butts were on the beach. It made me utterly disgusted. After paddle boarding, my husb…

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Letter: Golf carts and motorcycles

Editor, The Friday Flyer: Regarding Randy Felber's letter on illegal golf carts. He says at the end of his letter, "That is the only way that, as the needs and lifestyle of the members change, the regulations can be changed to match our community." The same can be said about driving motorcycles back and forth from the gates. Whatever the reasons were for not allowing motorcycles in the communit…

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