Letter: Tree Lighting event


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

After reading the list of the City of Canyon Lake's accomplishments for last year, I believe it appropriate for me to make one correction. Every year the Chamber has brought together a committee of volunteers headed by a chairperson to produce the Tree Lighting event. It takes several months of planning and organization to make this a successful event.

While the City Hall has always been a backdrop for the event, the Chamber has always been responsible for making the event possible. The chairperson this year, Debby Gagnon, along with her many Chamber of Commerce volunteers and numerous sponsors (which included the City), put on a very well attended event.

I'm sure recognition of the Chamber's contribution to this event was just an oversight. I just wanted to recognize and say thank you to the hardworking individuals who make this event and all of the Chamber of Commerce events possible.

Mike Irvin