Meet the neighbors, stay connected on Facebook


The Friday Flyer has a Facebook page where residents can post comments, photos and videos of events they’re enjoying or things they're concerned about in Canyon Lake. Some post information about lost dogs or found keys, unexpected power outages, an accident on their street or on Railroad Canyon Rd. that affects traffic, etc.

The Facebook page provides a place for residents to expand their network to include the broader community of Canyon Lake. Sometimes it's just fun to hear what friends and neighbors are thinking about.

This week The Friday Flyer asked its Facebook friends, "What is the best thing that happened to you in 2012?" Here are some of the answers.

Kristyl Adams ? Went to New England in the Autumn. Met Tom Ryan and his dogs Atticus and Will (from the book Following Atticus.) Got to rediscover the White Mountains. It was magical all around. Have some wonderful photos too!

Tania Janicijevic Domaratzki ? Went to Florida Emerald Coast and discovered US Virgin Islands ? met some wonderful people in Europe

Scott Enochs ? I retired after 35years with the airlines yahoo

Bert Barbay ? The best thing that happened to me in 2012 was spending another wonderful year with my wife of 30 years and living here in CL for our 10th year. The new friends I made this year are also special!

Dawn McPhee Bora ? My husband survived a heart attack this month and is on his way to a full recovery.

Sosy Robinson ? My husband and I bought our first amazing home in Canyon Lake:)

Brian Bock ? Moved to Canyon Lake. Now we are always on vacation! Literally. All the best in 2012

Margie Jennings ? Graduating with my BA in Early Childhood Education ! Woo hoo!

Melissa Harris ? I got married on 8-10-12.

Mark Harris ? Married my beautiful wife on 8-10-12.

Brenda Edwards ? Got engaged!

Banner Agundez ? Just having a happy wife and kids for another year.

Cliff'n Katy Russell ? We all survived another apocalypse!! Lol.

Craig N Debbie Phillips ? Horses in my life.

Kristyl Adams ? I reconnected with my mom, daughter, and grandchildren. Worth it's weight in gold.

Rick Valantine Steve Clark ? Bought a house and moved to Canyon Lake!

Bree Luvz Dana ? My son was born

Valerie Rodholm ? Became RIPPED certified and am now teaching RIPPED one day a week in Corona

Donna Paramore Kupke ? The birth of my very first grandbaby–a perfect boy!!

Micah was born 2-21-12.