Teen Talk: Adults, kids take stand against bullying

By Heather Zermeno, Teen Reporter


On December 12, 2012 (12-12-12) at 12 p.m., participating students, teachers and parents were scheduled to stage a 12-second moment of silence in honor of Global Bullying Prevention Day. Bill SRC-100 marked a Bullying Prevention Day in the state of California.

Bullying is an ugly epidemic that can take a toll on anybody at anytime. There are many forms of bullying and each form causes humiliation and pain for people around the world everyday. Bullying can take the form of social ostracism, online harassment, physical/sexual abuse and many more.

In any form bullying is detrimental to the victims and sometimes the bullies as well. There have been many reports of victims of bullying who lash out in violence, whether in shooting sprees, harming those around them, or suicide, harming themselves.

It is hard for someone who is bullied or has been bullied to overcome the struggles produced by being bullied. Children who are victimized and bullied can have long-lasting emotional problems that remain in their adult lives. Some of the long-lasting problems include clinical depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, eating problems and substance abuse. These problems are difficult to overcome and are all due to something that can be prevented and should be prevented.

Although everybody wants to blame the bullies, more often than not bullies also face problems, whether it be at home or a personal problem, that for some reason shape them into bullies. Bullies also have a greater risk of becoming delinquents as well as engaging in physical and sexual harassment of partners and adults once they reach adulthood. Overall, bullying is never good for anybody and if you have the power to prevent bullying you should.

Bullying happens every day all around the world at every age. There is bullying at school, in the work place, even at the grocery store. There is so much unnecessary anger around the world that is due to people taking advantage of others, especially those who are self-conscious or insecure. There are also the helpless victims who are abused because they do not know any better and cannot protect themselves.

Although there are many anti-bullying organizations, there are still many people who suffer through being bullied. Some anti-bullying organizations include Bully Police USA, International Bullying Prevention Association, National Bullying Prevention Center, Stomp Out Bullying and many more. Websites like Bullying.org are “dedicated to increasing the awareness of bullying and to preventing, resolving and eliminating bullying in society.” Stopbullying.gov is set up to explain what bullying is, who is at risk of bullying, preventing bullying and how to respond to bullying.

The only one who can stop bullying when it is happening is you. Do not be a bystander and think that someone else will step in because it is more than likely that they will not. For some reason, when people think of bullying they think of kids on a playground or students in a high school, but it is important to realize that it is possible for adults to bully children as well as adults to bully adults and children to bully children.

Unless adults lead by example and refuse to partake in bullying, children will continue to bully and a never-ending cycle will continue. Bullying is something that is not necessary and should never have been a problem, but unfortunately it is and it needs to be stopped. Through taking a stand and leading by example you can make a difference, even if it is one victim at a time.