Operations Overview: Last day for major roadwork inside gates is Dec. 21


The final day for Phase 2 major roadwork within the walls is December 21. After the 21st, until January 2, there will be minimal crews onsite to complete punch list items, such as landscaping repair, cleanup and some intermittent water testing. 

Until December 21st, we have a tentative schedule, dependent upon the amount of rain that we get on Thursday, December 13, and the time required for the grade to dry, as a result. The below items are tentative. Please follow posted signage, as these may be invalid, depending upon the rain.

Week of December 17 


Cove View, White Sail, Mariner, Sandpiper, Compass, Windsong and Blue Heron.


Cove View, Mariner, Sandpiper, Compass, Blue Heron, Aspen, Windsong, Lighthouse, Wake, Beacon and Canyon Club.

Trash pickup, street sweeping

? If your trash pickup is on a grinding or paving day, please have your trash can out early, as your trash time will be rerouted to be picked up first.

? If your street sweeping is on a grinding or paving day, your street will be skipped, and the paving crews will do a final street sweep as they are exiting your street.

? Please pay close attention to posted signs in the neighborhood, as these will supersede any schedules published here.  

? Please obey all road signs, including (but not limited to) road closures. If your road is closed due to paving activities, please see the onsite superintendent for parking options. Do not drive your car or golf cart through freshly paved asphalt, as it will track onto sidewalks, driveways and garage floors. 

? If you have any questions about the road project, please contact the Operations Department at 244-6841, ext. 510.

Spiny Niaid

The holly leaved spiny niaid is back in various locations on the Lake, including Hidden Duck, Bass Place and at the Holiday Harbor launch area. We are deploying crews out to remove it. If you find it in other locations on the Lake, please contact the Operations Department at ext. 510 to ensure that crews are deployed to additional locations.