Director Comments: Director provides update on Board actions


By Dr. George Middle

CLPOA Secretary/Director

To update this community with some of the discussions and future decisions having to be made by your Board of Directors, I will publish at various times these items. If members wish to discuss any of these items, please contact me through the Clerk of the Board, Denise Agostini.

? Road Cleaning ? The Board has decided to implement a fine of $35 for members who park on the street on street sweeping day. We are into a 30-day reading period. Note: not cleaning our roads efficiently results in six to eight tons of refuse probably ending up in the Lake.

? Event Set-up / Tear-down Costs and Facilities Reservations ? The Board asks that Operations collect enough money to pay for service provided (i.e. setting up tables and chairs for an event). It is not the intention to make a profit, but to recover costs incurred by the POA. Certain events and clubs provide events the POA sponsors. These events would not be charged a fee by the POA. Currently it costs $100,000 per year for staff doing set-ups, etc.

? The Quality of the Lake ? The POA has had discussion with the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (EVMWD) covering water quality and the best and most economic method to achieve an acceptable quality. The water district will be trying the inclusion of a chemical called Alum, a potassium sulfate, which will combine with the phosphorous and nitrogen currently in large amounts in the Lake. The EVMWD intends to start in 2013 applying the Alum (spending $500,000-plus monies provided by the cities that are included in the San Jacinto Watershed).

The Board also has authorized the purchase of a small number of “Water Gen-AIR-ators,” which will be tested in the East Bay to see if this low-cost oxygenation system improves the water clarity.

? The Recreation Cost of the Lake ? Your Board has commenced discussion with EVMWD regarding the increase in costs for recreational use of the water. Currently, this cost is $1,403,693 per annum. The formula signed by a past Board for the unique control of the recreation provides an increase around 8 percent per year.

Using the rule of 72, a financial calculation for growth rate, to give the effect of this increase in nine years, the recreational cost will double! This is an unacceptable increase. It is budgeted for 2013 as an assessment subsidy of $1,213,884 or $270 per year per home. In nine years this assessment subsidy could rise to $2.5 million, or $550 per home.