Letter: Community facilities


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

I have to assume, based on POA Director McDonald’s latest repetition of his outrage over Canyon Lake residents lack of concern for the financial well-being of our community, that I am among those “people in this community (who) only care about themselves?” he refers to.

It’s hard to respond briefly to Director McDonald’s oft stated concerns. I’ll try. Re: proposed changes to the Rules, Regulations and Fees for use of the Lodge by sanctioned clubs. Canyon Lake’s amenities are NOT profit centers. They are convenience and entertainment centers for POA members. Limiting clubs' use for any amenity alters the basic concept of a private community.

POA profits are NOT, and should never be, the goal of any facility use, striving to break even is. People living in Canyon Lake are aware, or should be, that they are free to ride horses, golf, boat, play tennis, patronize our restaurants, water ski, feel secure within our walls, join a club ? or not. They are also aware that financial support for these amenities comes from all residents; certainly there may be some who don’t grasp this concept, but not many I think.

Separating certain amenities as profit centers negates the concept upon which Canyon Lake was formed. As this POA Board has shown, good management and strong oversight is needed for the private community concept to work.

Director McDonald has proved to be a passionate advocate for a fiscally responsible management team. His Board’s efforts have uncovered unprofessional and perhaps criminal behavior and corrective action is underway. Director McDonald often suggests members don’t appreciate what the Board has done. I believe he is wrong ? people do care and admire him for doing so well what he was elected to do. Constantly denigrating residents, however, casts a shadow over his accomplishments.

Ken Cable