Letter: Jordan Ehrenkranz endorsement


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

I always hesitate to actively get involved with anything of a political nature but I just can't sit still on this one. Jordan Ehrenkrantz is a friend of mine. I met him through his involvement with POA Board and how

fortunate for me.

He has been an ardent supporter of the Cotillion and so many events, activities and causes throughout our community. I attend many of these events and he is always right there doing whatever he can to make it even more successful. He works tirelessly for the betterment our community, regardless of his role.

Jordan is soft-spoken and takes a positive approach in dealing with his tasks. 

He is the consummate peacemaker in administering his duties as a Councilman and now as Mayor. With his knowledge from being a POA Board member, where he served as president, he is the right person to liaise with them after the City's attorney dragged the POA into a lawsuit with them.

As a community, we are so lucky to have him involved on a day-to-day basis with things we delegate to others. He has so often proven his leadership abilities, professionalism and common sense approach to the tasks at hand. Please join me and cast your vote for Jordan Ehrankrantz. He will work hard for all of us. Jordan has indicated to me it will be easiest to work with John Zaitz and Tim Brown as our new Council members, which I whole heartedly agree.

Ed Strong