Club News: Water skiers "cool" in PB Challenge


The weather was definitely on the cool side for last weekend's Canyon Lake Ski Club “PB Challenge” tournament. "The overcast clouds hid the sun but some good skiing took place," says spokesperson Al Van Beenen.

Participants were placed in three-skier teams which competed in a head-to-head format. Each team consisted of one upper echelon skier, one good short-line skier and one aspiring slalom skier. The two top three-skier teams were paired off and one skier from each team skied off simultaneously until a skier missed a buoy thus eliminating that skier.

The two top teams using PB Challenge scores were Tom Nathan, Taylor Klein and Al Van Beenen on the 1st place team, and Scott Larson, Mike Klein and Kendra Nathan on the 2nd place team.

Al describes how the scoring worked:

"Using PB scores, which served as establishing handicaps, the first pairing was Taylor Klein vs. Kendra Nathan where Taylor scored six with handicapped speed and Kendra barely missed the six ball at a faster speed.

"The next duo was Jim Brooks vs. Tom Nathan. They both started at 28 ft. off and ran it as well as the next pass of 32 ft. off. The next line shortening was 35 ft. off when Jim skied a PB tough pass and Tom stumbled at the three ball.

"The top two of Scott Larson and Mike Klein were next. Using the PB handicap pairing, Mike was to start at 22 ft. off and Scott was to start at 35 off. Both skiers ran that pass and the next pass. The next attempt at 32 ft. off for Mike and 39.5 for Scott was reaching their maximum limit. Scott won that pass five buoys to two."

Al adds, "All the participants and Ski Club members would like to extend their appreciation to the promo boat owners Sacks/Willis Mastercraft, Larson/Rogers Malibu, and Nathan Correct Craft Nautique for their expertise and high-tech ski boats.