Member Memos


Traffic School

POA traffic school is held the last Tuesday of every month, from 7 to 9 p.m. in the City Multi-purpose Room. The next school is August 28. The fee is $25 for those with moving violation citations; free to those who are coming for educational purposes only.

Sign up for the class at Member Services prior to the class. The instructor is Don Duncan, a driving school teacher.

The Board approved the establishment of a traffic school as part of the appeals process in order to allow a fine reduction for members who take a class and learn about the Association’s driving rules. The traffic school is for those appealing traffic tickets served inside the private community. Traffic school is allowed once every 18 months per individual ? not per lot.

Permanent guest list 

A permanent guest list, available to homeowners or lessees with privilege, allows the member to add up to six individuals who frequent the community on a regular basis.

Please be aware when adding the name of a contract employee (i.e. gardener, water delivery man, etc.) that person has access to the community at all times, including weekends. Responsibility for the actions of all guests falls upon the prime member per Rules & Regulations Section 3-B.

Using decal lane

In order to enter the community through the decal lane, members must have one of two things: (1) a valid POA vehicle decal or (2) a valid POA card and a valid driver’s license. To ensure a quick entrance, please have the necessary items ready to present to the Community Patrol officer. 

Horse stalls available

There currently are three horse stalls available at the Equestrian Center for members in good standing or members with privileges that are in good standing. There three 12 x 24 barn stalls for $400 per month, one 12 x 16 barn stall for $328 per month and one 12 x12 pipe stall for $212 per month. The monthly fee includes daily clean-up and feeding. If interested, contact Bobbie Goulart at the POA office at 244-6841, ext. 234, or

Drop box payments

Assessment payments are due on the 1st of the month, late after the 15th, with a $20 late fee. Payments received after 6 p.m. will be credited to the member's account on the next business day. Payments received after 6 p.m. on the 15th of the month or later will incur a $20 late charge.

Members may have noticed the drop box is now blocked during hours Member Services is open; this will insure that payments are credited properly.

Note: Member Services business hours are Monday through Saturday. All payments received after 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, or 2 p.m. Saturday, will be posted to the next business day. If the 15th of the month falls on a Sunday, which is not a normal POA business day, all payments must be made prior to that day to avoid incurring a late charge.

Campground dock

Gas dock hours are 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The dock is closed for lunch from 12 to 12:45 p.m. For more information, call Campground Manager Dwight Cogdill at 244-6841, ext. 650, or 246-1765.

Pre-printed guest passes

Members who are having parties or special events are requested to submit a guest list no later than two weeks before an event in order to request and obtain pre-printed passes that can be mailed or given to guests prior to the event.

For those guests who have their pass and driver’s license readily available, Community Patrol will verify the documents and direct them through, thus alleviating their wait time at the gate.

Members can obtain the “Special Event Guest Form” at or pick it up from Member Services. Members can elect to pick up the completed passes from Member Services or have them mailed to the member’s residence.

You’re responsible!

According to Section III B, “the Prime Member is responsible for the actions of his/her family, guests, renters and lessees and for any charges, fines or other liabilities incurred by them.”

Decals for company cars

If a member drives a vehicle that is registered to a company, the member can request a decal for that vehicle. To register the vehicle with the POA, the member must present the vehicle registration, along with a letter from the company on company letterhead stating that the sole driver of the vehicle is the prime member and/or any authorized person on the property.

A lessee may also obtain a vehicle decal for a company car if the prime member authorizes CLPOA to issue vehicle sticker(s) to the lessee. Please note: this policy for a member to request a vehicle decal for a company car does not apply to vehicles that are not allowed to park in Canyon Lake, i.e. semi-trucks, moving trucks, etc.

Nuisance rule

The POA is enforcing the nuisance rules as they relate to loud and offensive music on the Lake and other POA common facilities. “Use of offensive language” in a common area is one of the prohibited activities under Rule 13 of Section II, General Rules.

Playing such offensive language in recorded music at a POA common area, park or on the Lake is a “use” of that language that qualifies as a nuisance, according to the Board and is subject to citation under the rules.

Spelling, please

Canyon Lakers should be prepared to spell the last and first names of their guests when they call them in to the POA. According to Member Services, even if a person’s name is one letter off, it could mean they will not come up on the computer at the gate.

CLPOA confidentiality

Members occasionally request information from the Association regarding other members. The Association generally considers its information regarding individual members’ personal data, assessment accounts, alleged rule violations, Association enforcement actions and similar to be matters between the Association and the individual member(s). Other information may be subject to the Association’s attorney client privilege or attorney work product protection.

Accordingly, the Association generally refuses to disclose such information to third parties, including other members, unless the disclosure is needed for the Association’s purposes. Examples of disclosure for Association purposes include the Association’s court filings and proceedings, lien recordation, Board, committee or staff reviews, conduct of disciplinary hearings and judgment/assessment collection. Other disclosures may be required by law or by court order. Member cooperation and understanding of the Association’s efforts to maintain the privacy of Association information regarding members is appreciated.