Letter: Trespassing and theft


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

I am writing to express my concern and disappointment over what seems to be happening in our community (I hope I'm wrong). I have wanted to write several times regarding some people's complete disregard and lack of respect for another person's property.

I have had numerous times of trespassing, leaving trash and animal waste behind, including very recent days. I am on a corner lot with mailboxes next to a main street, so have tried to just overlook some of the behavior. But my latest experience leaves me troubled and insecure.  

On a Friday evening while my friend and I were attending a Storm game (Fellowship Night), someone was trespassing through my backyard, helping themselves to whatever they wanted on my patio. Among other things, they took a life-size sculpture of Christ's hand with a bird, with the words, "By His hands we all are fed." It was from the Cedar Creek collection, not particularly valuable, but was priceless to me.  

I had spent the last eight years of my mother's life staying with her months at a time, both at her home and later in a nursing facility. My sculpture reminded me every time I looked at it of her and my stepdad's love of Jesus and all His creation. We would sit at the kitchen table overlooking their large backyard full of bird feeders, pecan trees, beautiful flowers, birds and other creatures attracted by that special place!  

I had acquired the sculpture on one of my trips and it brought me endless joy and comfort. I hope the person who took it is touched by its meaning and realizes they not only broke man's law but, more importantly, God's law! I feel we as parents and grandparents have been lacking in teaching respect for others around us.   

Carolyn Clements