Arts and Entertainment: Leapin' lizards! These kids can sing and dance


Dozens of youngsters acted, danced and sang their way into the hearts of audience members who attended performances of Canyon Lake Community Theatre's production of "Annie Jr." last weekend.

Most of the speaking roles were double cast. Here is a list of cast members seen in many of these pictures, contributed by Bobbie Starr Pigeon and Laura Plasch.

Annie: Keely Arednt and Lexy Plasch. Daddy Warbucks: Cole Nolan Albin. Mrs Hannigan: Zoie Moore and Cassidy Potter. Grace Ferrel: Mekenna Diegleman and Jennifer Deboer. Rooster Hannigan: Kolton Hesket. Lily St Regis: Taylor Hankins and Krista Mclean.

Servants: Kelly Bisterfeld, Shannon Bivens, Jaylee Miller, Lauren Pratt, Arianna Shaw, Sadie Stricklin, Ava Monroe. Apple Seller: Lexxy Glibbery. Lt Ward: Khari Gaylor and Zachary Voss. Dog Catcher: Parker Newlin and Silas Nichols. Blanch: Kayla Call and Mikayla Dunn. Cecile: Meagan Newlin.

Mrs. Greer: Lexxy Gliberry.Bundles/Mcklosky: Zachary Voss. Mrs. Pugh: Jessica Lane. Annette: Kaylee Call and Mikayla Dunn. Usherette: Shyla Gill and Crystal Hauser. Radio Announcer: Cash Polomo. Sounds effects man: Christian Hahn and Jace Febo. Bert Healy: Christian Hahn and Jace Febo. Boylan sisters: Megan Newlin and Samantha Riniti.

President F.D. Roosevelt: Silias Nichols. NYC Street Folk:Shyla Gill, Chrystal Hauser, Becky Hawkins, Sara Lane, Quincy Rose Hickman, Kayla Michel, Joyce Patrick, Kyla Smith and Katie Woodward. Stars To Be: Taylor Funk, Samantha Riniti and Meagan Newlin. Molly: Taylor Pigeon. Pepper: Holland Rolapp.

Lead Orphans:Jenna Daniel, Jenna Lane, Dealany Lafave, Nicole Riniti, Bailee Shields, Carsyn Stiff, Staycia Slezak and Kaylee Vickers. Featured Orphans: Payton Albin, Sailor Boden, Kate Buchanan Jillian Coolbaugh, Portia Dodd, Rosmary Dodd, Dante Fava, Devin French, Angelina Frescas, Haily Funk, Ashley Funk, Emily Garvito, Jamal Gaylor, Stevie Hurtado, Bailey Mocerino, Jasmine Kane, Piper Nichols, Cash Polomo, Seth Stricklan, Kallan Walsh, Riley Walsh. Sandy: Snoopy