March 9, 2012


Letter: 'Nuisance vehicles' ordinance

Editor, The Friday Flyer: The City of Canyon Lake just passed an ordinance that allows contractors to tow away “nuisance vehicles” parked in private driveways. This is in addition to similar POA regulations. Though there might be a need for this type of ordinance, the problem is the lack of specificity in the wording. The first problem is the definition of a “vehicle.” Would the ordinan…

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Letter: Voting mistake

Editor, The Friday Flyer: I apologize to all my fellow Canyon Lake citizens. I made a mistake when it came time to vote for the current "gang that couldn't shoot straight" on the POA Board. I naively said to myself, "How bad could it be to give new people and fresh ideas an opportunity?"  Boy was I wrong. I admit I was caught up in the "fed up" mentality at the time and in a very weak moment …

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Letter: RRC Rd. clarification

Editor, The Friday Flyer: I have heard some misrepresentations regarding the Railroad Canyon Road project. First, the project is a 10-month project that began on January 17, 2012 and will end in November 2012. IF the contractor doesn’t complete the project, pending rain or utility delays, he pays the City $2,500 per day he is late. This more extensive liquidated damages penalty (usually $1,000)…

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Letter: Motorcycles and more

Editor, The Friday Flyer: The debate over whether motorcycles should be permitted in Canyon Lake has surfaced once again. When I was on the POA Board (1990 and 1991) this issue was put to a vote and was as resoundingly defeated as was the last vote. I voted for changing the Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions (CC&Rs). I am for motorcycles. My wife seriously disagrees. The CC&Rs were modi…

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Letter: 'Miss Jr. Teen' competitor

Editor, The Friday Flyer: My name is Hannah Rose Henderson and I am competing in the 2012 Miss Teen Pageant. I am excited to be representing my community and will do my very best to make everyone proud. I decided to compete in this year’s pageant because I am interested in a career in modeling and fashion design and thought that competing in this type of event will give me an idea of what it mi…

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