March 9, 2012

Residents can offer input at EngageCanyonLake.com


The City of Canyon Lake has launched EngageCanyonLake.com, an interactive virtual “town hall” website dedicated to soliciting ideas and feedback from residents about a broad variety of interesting and engaging community issues.

"Do you have an idea ? large or small ? that could help transform Canyon Lake into a better place to live, work and play? The City of Canyon Lake is listening," says City Manager Lori Moss. EngageCanyonLake.com allows residents, business people, students, and other interested stakeholders a creative and convenient way to share ideas, provide feedback and make recommendations on a broad variety of topic areas.

This new public engagement platform allows a more diverse audience of participants that might not be able to attend conventional public meetings. Anyone interested in providing constructive ideas and solutions to Canyon Lake community issues can simply jump online from work, home, school or wherever they have Internet access to join in the EngageCanyonLake.com discussion.

“We are always looking for better ways to capture input and ideas from citizens. EngageCanyonLake.com is a great way to engage with people who do not typically attend public meetings,” says Lori.

EngageCanyonLake.com is currently engaging in the following conversations:

Quality of Life

? How would you rate the overall quality of life in Canyon Lake?

? What are the top three reasons why you live in Canyon Lake?

? What are the top three things you like least about living in Canyon Lake?

? What are Canyon Lake’s strengths?

? What is the greatest challenge facing Canyon Lake?

? What is your vision for Canyon Lake?

? What is the best public gathering space in town?

Economic Development

? How can Canyon Lake attract more shopping, dining, and increase market demand?

? How can Canyon Lake maintain its businesses and provide better business support?

Community Design

? What best defines Canyon Lake as a community?

? What is the brand of Canyon Lake?


? What is your big idea to transform Canyon Lake?

? How do we get the word out about EngageCanyonLake.com?

? What’s one thing that could be done today (like literally today) to improve the community?

Sign up at EngageCanyonLake.com and join the discussion!