March 9, 2012

Letter: Voting mistake


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

I apologize to all my fellow Canyon Lake citizens. I made a mistake when it came time to vote for the current “gang that couldn't shoot straight” on the POA Board. I naively said to myself, "How bad could it be to give new people and fresh ideas an opportunity?" 

Boy was I wrong. I admit I was caught up in the “fed up” mentality at the time and in a very weak moment also voted to let the Tea Party in and now that they have  tried to force the USA to default on our national debt, restrict women's ability to make their own health care decisions and are pressuring us to go to war with Iran, I want them to be gone forever as well. 

Voting is a sacred act with serious implications. If ill informed and unqualified people such as the Tea Party and the current Board are given power, the results can only turn out badly. In both instances, I made choices to elect people I did not know. Both groups are now damaging a community and a country neither of which deserves to be treated so badly.

Please forgive me and know I will take my vote much more seriously next time any of these groups or individuals try to gain power again.

J. Bartlett Parsons