March 9, 2012

Letter: Motorcycles and more


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

The debate over whether motorcycles should be permitted in Canyon Lake has surfaced once again. When I was on the POA Board (1990 and 1991) this issue was put to a vote and was as resoundingly defeated as was the last vote. I voted for changing the Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions (CC&Rs). I am for motorcycles. My wife seriously disagrees.

The CC&Rs were modified back in 1995 to provide that only a majority of owners be required to vote affirmatively on removing the motorcycle ban, as opposed to the original verbiage in the CC&Rs that required a two-thirds vote. The vast majority of owners do not wish to permit motorcycles in Canyon Lake. What is there not to understand here?

On another matter, I have been made aware that there are people within Canyon Lake that are attempting to marginalize and undermine City Council member Randy Bonner by asserting that his health is an issue relative to his capacity to serve on the Council. I have known Randy for some time and can vouch for his good health.

Heart attack and stroke victims receive extensive evaluations and follow-up medical care. Randy has been given a clean bill of health by his cardiologist for over four years and is as healthy and vigorous as anyone in this City. Randy has been a real champion of Veteran’s Affairs and fiscal responsibility. We need to keep Randy on the City Council for his strong leadership background, his proven financial expertise and his consistent frugality with limited City funds.

Let’s stop the divisive political nonsense and get on with solving all the other important issues confronting us as a community.

Warren Kelsey