Letter: Fall from bleachers

**Editor, _The Friday Flyer_:** This past Sunday my son Michael was watching a softball game at Gault Field when he fell off the bleachers. I wanted to let everyone know that he is alright and extend my thanks to those who offered to help. It was quite a fall from the top row of the bleachers. It is impossible to watch kids all the time when at a baseball game. I think it would be a wise invest…

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Letter: More accuracy, less bravado

Editor, The Friday Flyer: I enjoyed reading Larry Neigel’s comments in The Friday Flyer last week but I’m a little confused by his use of the word, “Accomplishments.” He lists the Board’s rescinding of the $15 assessment as an “accomplishment,” but now they want to raise our dues more than double that to account for a shortfall in revenue. The Board considers it an “accomplis…

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Letter: One of the best POA Boards

Editor, The Friday Flyer: I wanted to mention to our POA elective Board members of Canyon Lake, I was able to view the last Board meeting, even though it was later shown, and give them a large "thank you." I am a member of the Riverside Mental Health Board here in Riverside County and the ethics and respect, along with neutral respects for our Canyon Lake residents is to be commended. My husba…

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