Motorcycle Club is petitioning for change to CC&Rs

Motorcyclists with street legal bikes want the option of riding their motorcycles to their homes, rather than parking them at the gates.

Members of the Motorcycle Club are circulating a petition for a proposed change to the CC&Rs that reads as follows:

"We, the undersigned members of the Canyon Lake Property Owners Association, petition the Board of Directors to place this initiative on the ballot for a vote of the membership in the May 2012 Election during the Annual Membership Meeting:

"Proposed Change in the CC&R’s:

"The Canyon Lake Property Owners Association repeals the provisions contained in the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions that prohibits the riding of motorcycles within the common interest development with the following proposed conditions,

"Motorcycles shall be allowed to be driven within the common interest development provided they meet the following conditions:

  1. Only the resident of a property in the Canyon Lake Property Owners Association, who is properly licensed to drive, shall be allowed to drive a motorcycle that is registered, licensed and insured under the provisions of the Vehicle Code to drive on a highway, within the gates of the private community.

  2. The motorcycle shall be street legal, subject to a complete safety and noise inspection by the Property Owners Association and shall be issued a permit after proof has been submitted of proper licensing and insurance under California Law. A fee will be charged annually for the permit.

  3. The properly permitted motorcycle will be allowed ingress and egress to and from his/her property within the community.

  4. The motorcycle shall meet all California Department of Transportation safety and noise requirements for vehicles licensed under the Vehicle Code.

  5. Strict enforcement and sanctions shall be taken for non-compliance with the rules and regulations including fines and suspension of the permit."

POA Vice-President Larry Neigel, a member of the Motorcycle Club, says says he tried to talk the club out of the campaign this year, but the members chose to file the petition to place it on the 2012 ballot.

Larry also says he is circulating the petition but will not sign it, and he will not vote on getting the initiative on the ballot. If the Motorcycle Club is successful in getting the initiative on the ballot, Larry says he will vote and his vote will be secret like anyone else's. He adds, "I will speak in support of the change, as I always have."

After looking up the history of the motorcycle issue in Canyon Lake, Larry says the election to place the rule in the bylaws originally failed to get the statutory required numbers to pass it; however, the Association took it to court to get the court to approve it.

"The lies have been told for years that it was always the rule ? and it's simply not true," says Larry.